Street children, Children without hope

Although every child around the world lives a certain and different way resulted from the way of living of his or her society, the street children are global phenomena exist almost every country. The UNICEF estimates 100 million street kids live around the world. The reason compelled those children to live near the pavement of streets vary from thrown away children to political, social and economical unrest to their countries.
In Somalia, from 1991 when the civil war erupted, the famine broke out and the country divided a clan sectarian , the children became the most vulnerable victims of all society. Some of them was forced to take the gun and fight, others lost from their families or tried to feed their Hungary families and all of them ended up to streets. They do not have permanent shelters, they live near the pavements and sleep where the sun sets with them. They manage their lively-hood by polishing the shoes and washing the cars, and they don’t have enough foods to eat, only what they avoid is to eat the food waste that is dumped by the restaurants. Most of those street youth use any kind of drugs that they can get, they eat khat and smoke glue and cannabis or marijuana and they suffer mental and physical harassments and,above all, they are all illiterate.
In the country, Somalia, there is no any census or exact figures about those street children, but they are not less then thousands scatter the big cities in the country and their numbers rise time after time. In principle, every country’s future economic boom is dependent on the number of educated youth that the country has and they, the youth, will be the potential labor forces those will build that country’s future economy. In Somalia, approximately two third of the population are youth, but most of them don’t have prober orientation and basic education. If the situation goes on that, the country will enter darkness and uncertain future. Those street children are not aliens,those came from other planet, but, in reality, they are less fortune children those came from this Somali society and their fate and future will influence every and each one of us , so, the government, the business men and the entire society must face and deal with the deterioration situation of those street children.
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By: Mohamed Salad Taliye.

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